Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week #29....When we share with investigators we learn as well.


What a week we had this week. We baptized a boy named Toni and that was a miracle in and of itself. He has been going to church forever but had not had a response. We had a special fast for just him that he could receive a confirmation that all this is true. And he did!! It was a miracle. But the coolest thing that we did this week and something that I will never forget is that we had the opportunity to listen to Elder Rasband speak to us and the south mission. It was incredible, the spirit that I felt. Growing up in Utah I’ve seen apostles and prophets on occasion but this time was incredibly different. This man glowed… like his skin was like glowing in the dark. But really he had a message prepared for us but told us that he felt a strong prompting not to share his message and just answer questions. It was amazing. I didn’t get the chance to ask him a question but I did learn something super important. God never gives investigators no for an answer. He may give them not yet or a yes but never no. If they say they received a no its not an answer its a doubt. Also he said that to strengthen a testimony he recommends reading about the life of Christ everyday. That is super cool too. I could go on and on about his talk but I don’t have time haha next week I will share some more. I’m doing real grand and super happy to be here.

Spiritual Thought –
I love the scripture in D&C 50:22 “Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together” When we share with investigators we learn as well as the investigators. When we teach, if we aren’t learning neither are the investigators. Both sides need to learn and profit from every visit. This can apply to regular non-missionaries too. When we are teaching a lesson in church or giving a talk put a new spin on things so that you can learn as well.  

Love you all

Love Elder Peacock

Elder Peacock, Toni, Tony and Elder Lares

Elder Peacock and Elder Lares

Friday, February 17, 2017

Week #28......Walk in the meekness of my spirit

Happy Valentines Day….. From the HOTTEST place on earth.

Dudes what a sweet week I had. We ended up baptizing my best friend named Henry in the river in our area. I am so grateful to know him and to have had the chance to teach him the things I know to be true. We have seen a huge change in his life since he started taking lessons from us. I am grateful that I was able to preform the ordinance that will give him eternal opportunities to progress in the gospel. Anyway other than that this week was super ordinary, super hot.  Our area is really really small so I’ve already contacted the whole village, but we found that there is a second part of our area but is 35 minutes by bus and like 15 quetzals so its expensive for people to go to church. We are going to get really creative this week to find people to teach and baptize. This week I’m pumped because we get to hear Elder Rasband on Thursday. It’s with mission south so its like 6-hour buses ride there but I’m excited it’ll be dope. 

Spiritual thought D&C 19:23 Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me. We are all searching for peace and here’s how you can have it. Think about the phrase walk in meekness in my spirit.

I love you guys! Guatemala is sick!

Elder peacock

Henry Baptism, Elder Peacock and Elder Lares- Santa Barbara

Jake and Elder Lares made signs for my Birthday

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week #27......."Do your Job"


Sup team- 

This week was real grand we worked really hard and are going to baptize on Sunday moms birthday… so mom Happy Birthday. Also on p-day we went to my investigators house his name is Henry and we are best friends. I taught him to play this circle game where you make a circle with your fingers and you put it below your waist and if some body looks at it you get to punch them 3 times. LOL, anyways we are bruised up and down our arms. Also its hotter than.... I do not know.. something real hot. I sweat the equivalent of 12 buckets of sweat each day and my eyes always sting because there always sweat in them. But hey I turned 6 months this week Wow time is flying by I feel like I just left my house. But I’m so happy to be in this beautiful part of Gods creation. I’ll be honest adapting to the culture was really hard but I’m glad I am here working with the Lord to bring his people the truth. 

PS Happy Birthday Mom on the 12, I love you so much thanks for being my biggest fan and supporter. I am grateful for everything that you do for me and my sisters, we wouldn't be here without you.


Spiritual thought-

In memory of my beloved Patriots taking home the Lombardi trophy… I remembered a phrase from the 2015 season. "Do Your Job". When Bill Belichick (head coach) said "Do Your Job" he wanted every player on his team to do his individual part, so the team as a whole could be successful. We can relate this to our own lives. Christ, our head coach, has given us every opportunity to succeed. He gave us the ultimate sacrifice. And we all have the chance to have success if we just "Do our Job". Because really that’s all that Christ asks is that we do all we can to repent and live a righteous life. So my challenge to you is like Christ’s to everyone. Just do your part. When we do our part we will be successful here in life and eternally happy.

Love you guys have a great week and remember- GO PATS

Elder Peacock

The Burning of the Tie- 6 month mark