Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week #21 ............We contact a ton of people

What’s up my Family and friends,

Christmas here in Guatemala is the coolest thing… people are nuts here lol. So Christmas eve we had permission to just hang with members until midnight. We hung out with members and it was a blast. My food stats for Christmas Eve are 8 tamales 11 classes of steaming hot poncche (fruit drink) People here in Central America celebrate Christmas on the 24th and sleep the 25th. It is so fun!! After 10 on 24th we played volleyball. Just a note if the sport doesn’t start with an s and rhyme with blocker. Latinos are real bad at it. I took the kids to the shack at volleyball so I felt kind of bad about that because it was Christmas… but it had to be done lol. My whole zone slept at my house 10 missionary’s two queen sized beds lololol. Such a blast and we didn’t sleep (that’s why i was kind of boring during the call sorry mom and girls) but the 25th we went to church and baptized two children of God, so we started the day off real swell. Also we called home so that was cool. Let me tell you 40 minutes is so fast, but it was cool to see the relatives. It was weird because I talked to you guys every week and I didn’t know what to talk about. But I love life here in Guatemala and am excited for the next 19ish months.

Spiritual Thoughts - There was a talk by president Monson in April of this year called decisions go read it, it’s really cool and so short. It talks about Alice in wonderland and the decisions. If we have goals it matters what path we take, but if not there is no importance between the different paths. I encourage you all to have goals and to make the right decisions that work well with your goals.

Facts about my mission in El Tejar - We teach a lot here in this mission. We contact like 300 - 400 people a week and we end up teaching a lot of them. We teach 10-15 lessons on a good day and they a mix of new investigators, visits members, recent converts, less actives, but we work a lot with the members to obtain new investigators. I have found out the members give you people to teach when you make them laugh, so needless to say we get a bunch of referrals but baptizing is our main focus. The lessons don’t matter at all if we aren’t baptizing. It is hard to baptize sometime because everybody is so religious. But it is a lazy religious. People are just catholic or evangelical on Sundays but their minds have a hard time adjusting to the whole be Mormon 24-7 thing. We are blessed to see a bunch of baptisms here.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from here in g-town
Peace till Tuesday 

ya boy Elder Peacock 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Week #20........Christ loves Us and is active in our lives.

Hey guys

This week was super cool, but this next week will be even super cooler.
So I’ll be honest this week nothing special but I had a bunch of fun. Tuesday had division with Elder Arellano he is so boring like wow.
Wednesday taught a bunch of lessons because my comp and I put in the work haha I love this kid. Thursday did the same but this day was hilarious. I’m still learning how to be funny in Spanish so I make a lot of mistakes but that makes it even funnier.
Friday we did trio divisions so I was with our zone leader boring Arellano and Elder Clavo he just wants to sleep and me I have a ton of energy and want to work but due to limited Spanish abilities its kind of hard nut…. LOL so funny. Also there was a earthquake that I woke up on the ground because it shook my off my bed LOL.  Saturday. THERE WERE A MILLION PARTIES so we got close to nothing done but we ate a lot of food so it was fine. Sunday was my companions birthday but it kind of sucks because we cant buy nothing and we were fasting ….but Monday I bought us sweet ties 7 bucks a piece and we ate at taco bell. I tell you its better here. But I am just living the dream as the biggest person the Guatemalan country has ever see.

Spiritual thought - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. The bible talks so much about the birth ministry and death of Jesus Christ and these are sweet things that we can focus on Christmas. But there is one thing that separates us from other religions. WE believe that Christ lives once more and he loves us and is active in our lives. Focus on your blessings this Christmas don’t be sad because you miss somebody but be happy because of the blessings we have in our lives.

Love Always, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Elder Peacock

Week # 19 .........Use your talents

Hello mis amigos fiels,

What a sweet week I had here in Guatemala. On Thursday my companion and I figured out that we get along real good so that’s fun. Friday we were contacting and we saw this guy chopping wood so I asked if I could help. But let me tell you palm tree wood is a whole different animal. Its not your average 4th of July chopping wood. My first swing on this sucker I broke this guys hand made axe but he said it was good and he made another in 5 minutes but it was good getting a few swings at some wood. Also we went to a Christmas party at the ward, which was fun, we ate a lot of food. The next day was really fun because we taught a lot of the members who give us tostadas, which are way good. I put plastic on my preach my gospel so that’s cool. Sunday was a hoot, there was this dude who came into the church during sacrament meeting and tried selling avocados LOL. He just started yelling and trying to sell his guacamole too LOL, then this guy from sumpango came into church late and he is kind of special so at like 9:30 he shook everyone’s hands and went and sat on the stand LOL. Yesterday we balled up at the stake center in chimaltenango. That was my week, uneventful but always good and tiring.

Spiritual thought - we all are given many talents, and our Heavenly Father wants and expects us to use them to build his kingdom. So when we use them we are blessed with more talents. So the point is we need to be ourselves always and use the talents that we have because they are unique to us. We are all so blessed with many talents so we need to show our love and appreciation by using these talents.

Ps saw my boy Elder Asay

Va pues cheles

Elder Peacock

Friday, December 9, 2016

Week #18 ........Planting Seeds

Hey People of America

This week was soooo sweet.  I’m not going to do the day-by-day thing because I’ll be honest not a lot of things change day by day. This week was so good, had 3 baptism two white kids and a little girl. No they don’t speak English but if you will look at the picture it looks like I’m in Idaho on the mission LOL.  We had transfers yesterday and I’m still in El Tejar but with Elder Sorto, he is Salvadoran. …And we are best friends. We just feed of each other’s energy and we are going to have success. I know its been only one day but he’s sweet. It was hotter than nothing else this week. It doesn’t feel like December because I’m sweating gallons a day. Story - We contacted this lady and we asked her who God was and what role he played in her life. She said that God lives in my side…LOL I guess she got some weird rendition of the Adam and Eve story and how women was created from the rib of Adam LOL sad, but so funny. Hey I turned 4 months, which is weird, I still feel new and finished training so I’m real now. When in training I felt like Chet the reindeer in Santa Clause 3 LOL. During the baptism of Meily she ran to the font, and we have to be in before them so I ran too and slipped into the font and made a big splash soooo funny. So i was soaked in the font while baptizing this girl LOL. I love El Tejar and Chimaltenango and Guatemala and you guys!!

Spiritual thought –

We have one job as missionary’s and member of the church. To plant seeds in the hearts of the people we meet. Missionaries share spiritual messages with every single person. That is how we plant seeds, but members don’t necessarily need to teach lesson 3 about the gospel of Jesus Christ to plant seeds. But rather and maybe a better way to share the gospel is simply by example. Jesus led and taught by example and we need to follow this way of planting seeds. Just do your best to be like Christ and that’s the best way to be a missionary everyday!

Love Elder Peacock

Jake and Elder Sorto

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week #17......Small Things in life bring us blessings

Hey Family and Friends


We had a great week here in el Tejar. Here’s a little about what I did.


Martes -

Had divisions with Elder Clavo he’s from Peru he’s kind of a little weird haha but he’s good so that was fun.  We were in El Tejar again so that’s always fun. We taught a bunch of lessons and during one of the lessons Elder Clavo put on a ring from and investigator. Long story short it got stuck on his finger and it’s still there today because he can’t get it off lol. 



We had a multi zone conference of all the 4 zones here in the mountains. It was so cool I learned a whole bunch but I am the only new kid in the mountains so didn’t see anyone I knew but this day got my companion and I pumped to do some work so we literally ran from appointment to appointment so that was super cool. What a sick day.



My meal selection today while all of you ate turkey 

3 Misperos for breakfast, cow liver for lunch, and eggs for dinner lol. Today was sweet one of our investigators Christopher got an answer and wants to be baptized but he works Sundays so that will be tough but cool day



Today was grand we had our last reunion de los neuvos so I saw all my buddies which was so sick Elder Fischer is so skinny lol. Everyone is killing it, so I’m so happy for them. Today we rode a train called the metro and it 1000000 times scarier than the subway in New York haha but it was so cool to ride, it felt like a champ.



I had a sweet lesson with a family we contacted familia sarazua and they are legit. They just need to have enough faith to stop going to their church and go the Lords church but this day was splendid


Domingo -

Best day- we taught 16 lessons and 8 of our investigators came to church and it was so cool. I was so tired this day like wow wanted to die but it was sick.


Lunes/p-day -

We went to the mall and played air hockey hahaha I took the zone to the shack and then I ate some grape ice cream I’m telling you this stuff is so good. 


Spiritual thought - When we show our faith in Christ he blesses us. When we do the small things in life we are eternally blessed so just endure to the end and everything with be just sweet.


Love you all, Thanks for the emails and prayers 


Elder Peacock