Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #4 .........Get me out of the CCM.....I am ready for the field

This week was pretty cool. A lot more of the same ole same I'll be honest I’m ready to get to the field. I learned a lot this week but I feel my CCM potential is maxed out and now I just have to learn in the field. So some funny and cool things happened this week. I was going up the stairs and my buddy Elder Miles jumped the fight of stairs in three steps and he goes Peacock bet you cant do it in two, and I can’t just not try so I tried for the stair jump in two steps and I kid you not I hit my left big toe so hard I think its busted and its black and blue and been swollen for a week…. so that was funny. On Sunday I blessed the sacrament in church in Spanish and i got done look at president for approval and he told me I need to roll my “r’s” on a word for it to count so I did it again and it still couldn’t do it so he just let it go… hahaha so funny. In sacrament we sang the song Joseph Smiths first prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount and we did it in Spanish and it had everyone in tears including president. We have a devotional tonight and we will sing it for a 70. Also we practice with the Latinos now because we can usually understand them and we teach lessons not in comps just individually and I taught a lesson about the plan of salvation to a Latino and had her in tears because she said it was way good. So that was cool. Some of the new kids are struggling a bit with homesickness and Spanish so every night I go in their rooms and just talk to them and comfort them and it makes me feel way good like I’m actually helping. One day our teacher was sick so we were able to go place more BOMs so that was cool. There is a district here speaking Qéqchi and the hymnbook in that language is Eb´Li Bích and it sounds like the call us a really bad word but oh man is it funny hahahah. Anyway I’m having a blast I’m healthy and happy I hope you all had a good week of school and work

Love you guys a ton, thanks for the support 


Elder Peacock

Oh …..spiritual thought I’m going to start these now.

The gospel is so simple that a child can understand, but there is so much depth that you can study for a lifetime and not know everything. I have found this to be true here in Guatemala. We are taught to teach investigators as simply as possible yet I can open up the scriptures and read something I had read a million times and always find a new meaning. I love reading the scriptures. I encourage all of you weather you have been lifelong member or converts. Read the scriptures daily and try to find a new meaning each time you search the scriptures. I have a testimony of the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon and I hope that it can have an influence in your lives.

Love you guys!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week #3.........Placed my first Book of Mormon!

This week was absolutely wild. 

Okay so most of the days we did the same old boring things. Pretty much just repeat what the teacher says in Spanish for like 10 hours. But on Thursday we ate lunch then I started not to feel good. So I threw up and I started to feel better and I just thought it was a one time thing, then my comp was heaving then me and him were in sync for the rest of the night. We threw up 5 times a piece. It was a good bonding moment I guess. haha I seriously have never been so sick in my life it was awful, haha but I’m better now. They think it was food poisoning because a lot of people were throwing up. Today was sweet we went to the temple like we do every P-day and then we went to the plaza….which is sooo cool and its in my mission we got to place BOMs and it was super cool. We placed 2 BOMs in 20 min. This dude was trying to argue with us in Spanish about the north star or something weird hahaha little does he know we didn’t understand a thing he said so jokes on him lol. This one dude straight up came up to us and said he wanted to be as happy as we were so we gave him a BOM and bore our testimonies and it was cool. We got his info and we give it to the missionaries in that area. After that we went to this sweet market and I purchase a cool tie. Mom you and the girls would love it. Its like the markets in the Bahamas and in Mexico, like shops with a bunch of the same stuff that I think is kind of weird but you guys like it. They have these way cool bags that I almost got but I didn’t. After that was the best part of my week we went to....... WENDY’S never been so happy to eat a Baconator in my life. It was so good. They had ESPN on and it was the little league world series. The little bottom thing where it tells you scores and gives you updates and stuff was in Spanish but i didn’t see any BYU stuff so that made me sad. I saw a commercial for football and I’m not gonna lie one single tear rolled out of my face. haha  Other than that it was a good week I still don’t know Spanish as good as I should but I am definitely getting better.

Have a good week and good luck in school girls!!!!

Love you guys!

Elder Peacock

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Week 2..... It isn't my 2 years, it's the Lords.....

Wow, another crazy week. 

The ccm is pretty small about 100 people i am ready for the older kids to leave because they suck. The actual ccm building is nice but soooo small. There are 4 companionships in my room 3 others and I, 2 of the others are in my district. Across the street there is a club that blast music every night but it like music I know like its usually Hannah Montana or Uptown Funk. ha-ha they love that here. The other side of the ccm there is a shell gas station and then the temple. It only takes us 30 seconds to get there. I wish I could send you pictures because I really cannot explain… it is really just so pretty. Guatemala is so green with trees, hills and mountains. There are tall cool looking buildings everywhere. The people all drive these way old school busses that the US donates and the paint them all sorts of sick colors. Out the window of our district class room you can see the temple….it is so pretty. The gym is outside and it is two basketball courts and volleyball net. There is a huge net over the top of us and they say its so the balls stay in the court but we think that it is so people don’t throw things at us. The cafeteria has 10 fold up tables and the lifetime hard chairs that Dad loved haha….and the most uncomfortable things in the world. For breakfast everyday we eat beans and eggs. I refuse to eat them because the first time I did they were worse than vegetables so that’s saying something. So I eat cereal that I have never heard of but it better than the beans haha. Lunch is the best meal of the day, its usually great food and it comes with Guatemala ice cream idk why but the stuff is awesome. They have these amazing drinks here, mango, orange, papaya, and my favorite limeade, (Mom Sage and Sadi you would love it) Dinner is okay but its usually tortillas and rice so it gets boring. All the North Americans (that is what the Latinos call us because they think central America is its own continent) hate it. They ran out of limeade on Thursday, I went and talked to the president because we are tight (I will explain more later) so we got it back. So days are long but weeks fly by Sundays are great we have them in the ccm I gave the opening talk in Spanish it was good…. I think. P days are sweet; we go to the temple and to a market that’s like 1 mile away. I bought this MT Dew and it was seriously just sprite in a MT Dew can. It was 5 quetzals like 80 cents. Then we write and play sports till 6. Our teacher are sweet, Hermano Cate and Hermana Moralis. We tell them English tongue twisters and they slaughter them haha so funny. We are teaching new investigators me and my new companion kill it. We do not have to use our notes and we can answer all their questions all in Spanish. Oh yeah my old companion went home which I was secretly happy about because I would do everything and he would not help, especially in lessons. My new companion is Elder Horning from West Point Utah. He is way cool but he’s a Utah fan so I hate him haha jk. So that why I know the president good because E. O. my old companion would talk to him all day everyday till he went home on Thursday so I know the president good and he always gives me candy for waiting. I love it here. The days are so boring we sit in a class all day and get fat….Nothing to report on there. So mom when we stopped in El Salvador we just filled up the plane with gas and took the same plane to Guatemala, so no train.

It hit my hard this week that the work we do is the most incredible work ever. We are 18-year-old kids in a different country speaking a different language teaching the most important message this world has ever known. I’ve been working hard this week to remember this isn’t my two years its the Lords so I need to get out of the way and put my head down and get to work for my savior. Love all of you guys, thanks for all the love and support I love emails and letters. They make my days better.


Elder Peacock

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 1 ...I am Here and I am so excited!!!

What a freaking great week!!

We arrived at the airport on Tuesday and the most important thing is we meet André Iguadala so that was sick, our flight got delayed so we ended up having to spend the next day at the Provo MTC. We got to the Provo MTC at approx.3 am. So we were all way dang tired. There were 13 of us in this group so 6 were in one room 6 in another and me all by my lonesome in a room with 6 elder who spoke Japanese only. Fantastic haha. I saw Elder Davis and Elder Selman in Provo that that was a good time. And I saw a bunch of other elders that I knew from Herriman and Corner so Provo was awesome. The next day we got on trax at 5 pm and headed to SLC airport. We finally caught our plane to LAX and then proceeded to get on our flight from LAX to Guatemala. That was a long day, we were traveling for 18 hour by plane bus and train. As we approached the great country of Guatemala we hear the pilot come on and say that it was too stormy to land in Guatemala city so we landed in El Salvador and we waited on the same stupid plane for 5 hours and I was in the middle of two old Guatemalan women that slept on my shoulders the entire ride haha. So that delay sucked we weren’t allowed off the plane because that is against the law apparently. We finally got to the CCM at 1 pm on Thursday. The kids in my district are all super sick. My comps name is E. O. he is from Tennessee and has a way thick southern accent. It’s hard to understand him. I do most of the work with preparing lessons and I just tell him what to say and when to say it because he is kind of clueless. I am by far the tallest person in the CCM and everyone plays futbol but me..... But its alright because I kick there buts at basketball. My comp has already talked to the president everyday so I think something is way wrong but its the worst because I always have to be with him so while the other kids are learning Española I sit in the lobby and read preach my gospel. I’ve already read it 4 times that is how long these meetings take. The temple is right across the street and it is so pretty. We did the session in Spanish and it was way hard but way spiritual. I am picking up Spanish quickly and I have the first vision baptismal invitation and the missionary purpose in Español. All the Latinos love me because they think I talk funny and they want to be on my basketball team. They are honestly the nicest people ever and they are way fast. I love it here! Ill be honest the food is gross and we spend as much time in the bano as we do in the cafeteria. I know the church is true and I know that everything is possible with God.  Until next week!

Love Elder Peacock

PS. Elder Fishers alarm clock we off in the airport and everyone thought it was a bomb so we had to go back through TSA  hahahaha I seriously cried, it was so funny.

PPS sorry I keep forgetting things but hurricane Earl is hitting us and I have never seen more rain in my life. The rain hurts so bad but it is so cool and pretty here.

I have more time so I will write some more. We only have an hour so I made sure I replied to everyone. So like I said the Latinos are cool but the Latino teachers are the scariest people I have ever meet. This one teacher named Hermono Garcia is like 5 ft and he doesn’t blink or smile. Its nuts, although I told him a joke and it made him laugh. So apparently there is no sarcasm in Guatemala so knowing me I am having a hard time with jokes because I unusually rely on sarcasm to get me through so only the white kids think I am funny and the Latinos don’t get it but they laugh anyway.  Btw its so weird I will be writing English in my journal and I slip into Español and start writing Spanish it is the weirdest thing. I’ve learned more in 1 week than I did in 3 years in school so that’s awesome. There is a kid who has been here for 3 weeks and he is from Cali and his name is Elder Peacock too so we are buds. I will send picture as soon as I’m aloud to in the field but none in the CCM but maybe I will try to send some pictures later on my camera see if it works. but if not i will talk to you guys next week. I love you guys so much. don’t worry about me because I am having the time of my life here honestly the most fun of all time. The bread is so good here but we eat beans and scrambled eggs and its soooooooooooooooooo nasty. I’ve gotten to know stall 4 on the second floor pretty good though hahahaha