Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week #47........Saying Goodbye to the Markhams

Sup Squad!!


This week was soooo sad. We said Goodbye to our mission President, Pres. Markham!!! I love him and his wife. They were perfect for this mission and I know that President and Sister Cluff will do a fantastic job also!!!! 

But other than that this week was awesome!! I am learning to be a better missionary and person and learning to have full trust in the Lord Which is super important! 

It official I will be the first missionary to get fat in Guatemala. I am breaking records people I am a fat legend here!! hahahahahaha

This week really was sick, I am getting to know the members and working hard to help people come unto Christ.  Antigua is sick, there are a bunch of white tourists who have no clue what people say to them and I am used as a translator when we are in Antigua. In my area it’s not touristy. It’s super pretty here. It’s like 10 minutes from Antigua so nobody goes there. Funny story I ran into a bunch of members of the FLDS church hahaha who know what they were doing in Guatemala???  and some members from Canada bought us a pizza. Not bad aye??

Spiritual thought - When I came to Guatemala I asked president Markham what I though was a temporal break the ice sort of question but he turned it a different way that I will never forget!! I asked him “how big the mission was.” He said “Elder Peacock the distance of the mission is about 18 inches…. the distance from your brain to your heart. He then went on to tell me that “when the things I knew in my head came to be things I believed and loved in my heart, I would know how big the mission is!!”

and You Guys

Elder Peacock

My Zone

Happy 12th Birthday Sadi

Service Project-Paint the school

Giant white kid in the middle of the school

President Markham, Elder Peacock, and Sister Markham

Elder Peacock with the mission President and his wife.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week #46............Antigua

Hey Family and Friends,

I hope all is well back home, I sure am doing great here. I am having a blast being zone leader in Antigua. Our job is awesome we go around helping all the missionaries in the zone seal the deal with people who are on the edge on weather to get baptized or not. My companion and I get along great and we have a blast working in the work of the Lord. This week was extremely cold and foggy. Like worse than the inversion in Utah during the winter fog. One day we were going to an appointment and I could not see my hand that I put in front of my face. hahaha We ran into everybody walking down the street. Also things do not dry here because its super humid with the cold so like my chacos that I use to shower are still soaking wet the next day when I put them on to shower lol. My companion is super funny he has this phrase that he said when something doesn’t work like its supposed to. He says this trash doesn’t work. haha its not as funny in English but its hilarious with his Mexican accent in Spanish. And the members here give us so much food. I haven’t bought food in a week because the members give us so much stuff. I think I am getting fat again. haha anyway this week has been so awesome. My zone is super cool and we get along great. Picture of my zone below and we also bought Guatemala soccer jerseys in Antigua yesterday haha super sick. 

Spiritual thought. Helaman 15:7 has the gospel of Christ truly changed our hearts???????


Elder Peacock

My Zone in Antigua

Elder Peacock and his companion in Antigua

A picture taken off the roof of where Jake lives of a volcano

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week #45.........Christ loves his missionaries

What’s up my family and friends,

I was transferred yesterday to MILPAS ALTAS Antigua. It is awesome here; its so freezing and last night there was a 6.4 earthquake that shook us at like 1 in the morning…. hahaha so cool. My companion and I are the zone leaders here and we have 12 missionaries in the zone. I love the mission it’s just so sick. So Antigua is the coolest place in the mission and I’m pumped to be here. I live like 10 minutes from Antigua but Antigua is all old buildings and the church is even old themed it is so cool.  See picture. My companion is Elder Santos from Mexico. he is so sick he is my favorite companion until now I think. I only have one day here, but this area is way cooler than the other areas I have had. The members love us and help us in everything. My companion dislocated his thumb haha he fell out of a tuk tuk lolol he is all-good. I really don’t have that much to say because it’s only been one day here. haha 

Spiritual thought - Christ loves his missionaries fulltime or at home member missionaries. We need to give him the best we have. I encourage all of you to give the missionaries a reference, missionary work is impossible without members!!!!!


Love Elder Peacock
Elder Peacock and a fun Family from Santa Barbara

Antigua Church

Elder Peacock and Elder Santos

Elder Peacock and Elder Santos

Jakes CCM friends 

Week#44.......... Last days in Santa Barbara

Hey family and friends,

This week was awesome. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go and listen to Elder Renlund. It was so cool because it was us and a bunch of other Guatemala missions, we saw a bunch of people from home. The pic with the two sisters and me is the draper/sandy; corner canyon/Alta pic its super sweet to see a bunch of cool kids that I know.

The talk was incredible; Elder Renlund taught us that success is a decision. If we want to be successful we will be. Life is about a great positive attitude and deciding to be happy and successful. It was awesome because it’s true. To be happy you need to decide to be happy and just do it. The same with the mission if we want to be successful just have a positive attitude and do your best. That is something that was so hard for me at the beginning of the mission, I was doing my best but people weren’t accepting the message, but really I was having success. If we give it our all it is not our fault if we do not baptize its the people fault ….so that was sick. Anyway I’m hot and sweaty here, in probably my last week in Santa Barbara. I’m jealous that you guys are in Powell but I’m in the right place doing the right things!!!


Love Elder Peacock
Elder Peacock in Santa Barbara

Elders and Sister from Sandy and Draper.

Jake and his forever BFF from the CCM

Jake and his Zone Leader

Friday, June 2, 2017

Week #43...Faith or Fear....I choose Faith

Hey Family and Friends,

This week was sick haha I have a new companion his name is Elder Martinez. The first one to guess where he is from wins. Good Luck. haha He is 21 years old and is straight from the CCM so I’m training for the third change. He is super awesome we get along great. Well this week we had changes so I said goodbye to my old companion and hi to another. I love the opportunity that I have to work with so many different elders from all around the world. Its awesome to see how the gospel is universal not just a USA fad. I learned a lot this week. We are teaching a homebody named Miguel Angel who has been to church twice now and we are working with him to get him baptized I hope and pray that he can be stronger than Satan’s temptations. We are working so hard to save a branch that is falling face first. It is so sad to see faithful members go astray from Christ’s teachings. I hope to help people convert to the Gospel and to help people stay firm in it. Wow it’s already Memorial Day so that’s so sick. We are getting POUNED with rain and it’s so hot but we work because we love the Savior and his children. Oh yeah Elder Marler is in my zone so we have an absolute blast on p-days hahahaha 

Spiritual thought - one man cannot serve two masters. I was thinking about that and it’s the same with faith and fear. You can be faithful or fearful you cannot have them both. The choice is ours, Faith or Fear. CHOOSE FAITH IT’S COOLER!!!

I love you guys with all my heart!!!!

Peace till maybe Thursday.......

Elder Peacock

Elder Marler and Elder Peacock CCM friends

Jake's District

Elder Martinez