Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week #38.....2 Nephi 14...Two types of people...who are you?

Hey Family and Friends,

This week was hot and rainy to make it better we have no electricity so we are straight up red necking everything… its pretty funny. This week we worked super hard and had a bunch of investigators that are progressing. None of them made it out to church which kind of stings sometimes. The church is in a place called Santa Barbara and its super small like 4 streets with 7 houses each street. Where we proselyte is in a place called El Esfuerzo, it’s 1 hour away in moto taxi and charges 15 quetzales (2 dollars) and we always have so much success there but the people have families of like 8 kids so its so expensive to go to church that they just cant. That’s why the people never go to church here, that is what makes this area kind of tricky. We are in good spirits and we know that ningun esfuerzo que hacemos es en vano.(for those that do not speak Spanish Jake said “any effort we make is vain”)

There are some days that I know that my Dad is just laughing at me so hard. haha like the other day I legit pulled a Mario I slipped on a banana peel and fell. I landed wearing my white shirt in dog poop. LOL.. Good times. Sometimes things that I would of got way mad or angry at when I was home make me just laugh because I legit live in the jungle…I wear church clothes and hiking boots everyday… haha. The Spanish in this area is super bad because it’s mixed with a native language of Katchiquel. But hey I love the mission its the weirdest coolest most fun hard thing I’ve ever done!

Spiritual Thought 2 Nephi 14- And now, my sons, I speak unto you these things for your profit and learning; for there is a God, and he hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are, both things to act and things to be acted upon…. There are two types of people those that act and those who are acted upon. Who are you????


I love you guys!

Elder Peacock

Jake with Saquick family wishing Sage Happy 15th Birthday

Elder Peacock and Elder Vivas

Elder Peacock with Family Saquick son Keni and Daughter Dulce

Elder Peacock with Keni and Dulce

Elder Peacock and Keni

Elder Peacock and Keni

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week #37 .....Hottest string of 7 days by body has experienced!

Hey Family and Friends,

This week was the hottest string of 7 days my body has experienced.... ever. It’s stupidly hot here on the coast and we passed through the craziest weirdest week of my life. Semana Santa is a catholic holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The people really really really aren’t in the mood to listen to the crazy Mormons during this week. Oh btw all of the transportation shuts down for three straight days so you are straight up stuck in your area. I had to go do interviews for baptism with the sisters so we straight up walked from my area to the area of the sisters.... Then the lady didn’t pass her interview so that sucked. Then we walked back and arrived in the area at 9 o clock at night (we left at 6 am that morning) it was straight up one of the longest days ever because we walked through a jungle to get to an area like 1 hour away on bus hahahaha we were so tired after this day LOL but it was defiantly an experience I’ll never forget. Other than that it was a long week because nobody and I mean nobody was in town, everyone went to the beach.

My mom is asking for cultural information so here I go.... Guatemala is either really hot or you need a jacket there is no medium hot. If its cold everybody will eat hot soup which is super good, if its hot outside everybody will eat hot soup which is much less delicious when the sweat off my head is dripping into my soup because its too hot. Everybody is either catholic or some sort of evangelical. But for the most part the people are nice but are super small. Everybody has the dream to speak English and go live in the states. Here in the coast the houses usually don’t have floors; they are usually dirt floors with bamboo houses, or scrap metal. In the capital and in some parts of the mountains the people have a little more money and are more educated. Usually the people who live in the coast cannot read nor write and the Spanish isn’t Spanish its just a bunch of made up words that don’t exist in a dictionary… that’s Guatemala for you.

Spiritual Thought-Mathew 20 the parable of the workers. (I don’t know what its called in English I think this is it) This is so cool, Jesus is always just and will give us what is right according to our works. So, is what we want in accordance with they way we live???

I Love You guys, have a happy week!!!

Elder Peacock

Friday, April 14, 2017

Week #36 ....Happy Easter

Hey Guys,

This week was good I didn’t have changes so I’m starting my 3rd change in Santa Barbara, an area with four streets and four avenues little to say its sooooooo dang small and we have to get very creative contacting because it is always the same people. I’m still training my companion Elder Vivas, he is learning. I am super excited about being a missionary and he’s just not… haha so we have a big personality difference and that makes unity hard, but we are doing it and working hard regardless. This week started semana santa (holy week) for the Catholics.  Pretty much this week everything shuts down, there is no busses or anything and everybody goes nuts with reenactments of Christ’s death and people impersonate Judas, who betrayed Christ and its all super weird hahaha but good ole Guatemala keeping me on my toes. haha I sent you a picture of my fist day look how fat I was.. lol.

Spiritual Though-this week is a super cool week because it is Easter. Just remember that more than the death of Christ we as Latter Days Saints recognize that he rose from the tomb and that he lives and continues to lead his church and bless his disciples.

I love you guys, have a great Easter weekend. Be safe have fun!! 

Love Elder Peacock
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Elder Peacock and Elder Vivas and their district

Jake in the Salt Lake airport on the way to his mission....He has lost himself in his work...LOL he is now a light weight...

Week #35.....Act on the impressions

Hey Friends

This week was pretty typical week, super hard, taught a bunch, sweated even more and then baptized on Sunday. I am so grateful to be in a mission that baptizes. I love helping people make covenants with God to be happy in the eternities. This week was hotter and wetter than usual. Its super hot until 3:30, then it rains until the morning. This week I tried to teach my companion not to be so robotish. He always uses the same way to teach and contact, so we practiced a lot so he can leave his comfort zone. For p-day we went to Santiago Atitlan, it was super pretty and we ran into a girl who just finished her mission and came back to visit. But the crazier thing is that they are from draper, and the dad is buying a car from Bishop Brown haha cool huh. Conference was super awesome and we saw a big focus on Christ’s role in the plan of salvation and listening to the spirit.

Spiritual thought- How often do we think about doing something nice for somebody and we don’t do it. Think if Christ acted the same way… that he almost performed his atoning sacrifice but didn’t. We need to act on the impressions we get so we can be affective tools in the Lords tool box.

I Love You guys

baik´a  goodbye in tzutui´l

Elder Vivas and Elder Peacock

Santiago Atitlan