Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week #59 ....Jesus Loves you!

Hey Guys!!

This week was fun!!! To start off, on Sunday I did something I haven’t done in 13 months, ate dinner with a family from Utah hahaha it was so fun my companion was lost because they don’t really speak Spanish and just wanted to talk English haha. They made fun of me because I couldn’t say obligatory. hahaha but we ate shish-kabobs and it was good!!!!  This week we played soccer for p-day(again) and I got fried like a tomato. Now everybody in my area calls me Elder tomato hahaha. …weirdo’s. Its not because I didn’t use sunscreen but it is because the sunscreen I used was expired (I didn’t know that sunscreen expired) and all the Americans got fried. hahaha anyway good stuff. My companion and I get along pretty well (other than he is a mess) but he is a funny dude. Look at this Catholic Church I think its pretty sweet.

Spiritual thought- Jesus loves you hahah cant think of anything…


Elder Peacock 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week #58......The Earthquake

Hey sorry for not writing yesterday, but I’m here and well

So I was super sick this week (threw up a to) hahahaha so when the earthquake hit I was throwing up in the bathroom, and when randomly the house starts shaking like crazy and I start throwing up everywhere but the toilet hahahahaha so funny (but gross) Like I didn’t want to make a mess but that’s what a 7.7 earthquake does hahaha. This week was fun because my companion started his mission in the area right next to ours. He baptized a family there that this week got sealed in the temple. What a cool experience. I love going to the temple. I learn so much every time that I go into that sacred place. This week was amazing just like every week. Sometime things are really tough and discouraging but most of the time its cool experience after cool experience. And I know all of these situations are preparing me to be the best son of God that I can be. I am learning so much here in beautiful Guatemala. Oh and yesterday I saw a sister Dunford from high school so that was fun.

Spiritual thought -“Is the same that he has always been and will forever be.” that means the gospel never changes. Nor do the blessings that we get as we do his will. So if in the Old Testament people saw miracles so can we, we just need to be more faithful!

Peace till Tuesday Elder Peacock

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week #57....The mission is incredible

Hey guys!

This week was pretty good. We found a new family to teach and they are pretty cool. HAHAHAH I have to tell you a story. So I’m pretty buff right, so I was trying to open the door to our house and I accidently used the wrong key and busted this thing inside of the lock so currently we are entering the house though a window until we get the door fixed hahahahahahahaha so funny. Also here people are supper addicted to coffee. So there was a genius that came up with something called Morcaff. Its coffee without harmful substances so we can drink it and still live the word of wisdom. It’s kind of like hot chocolate. (I think its gross but the members here love it). So we were in the house of other missionaries helping them out when suddenly my companion remembers that we need Morcaff to give to some investigators so he (without knowing the bag was open) threw it to me so I could then put it in my backpack to take to investigators. But as you can see in the pictures I got a little messy hahaha good stuff. Also the family did not get married because something came up but we rescheduled the wedding and baptism for Saturday!!!!! 

The mission is incredible…. it is changing me. All worthy capable young men should strive to serve a two-year mission of the Lord. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and others. If you don’t feel capable read ether 12:27 and do what it says. I love you all!!

Elder Peacock

Week #56 ......Antigua is Beautiful

Hey guys first off what on earth happened to BYU on Saturday. I’m glad I was not able to watch the game. 

Anyways what a great week, we had a baptism of a dude named Arnulfo PĂ©rez. He has the best and strongest testimony of any convert that I know. It was seriously incredible to be able to be able to baptize him because he was like a member. He cried after being baptized because he felt the spirit so strongly. Also we are working with a family that could potentially get married and baptized on Saturday. It would be a miracle so we are praying and working hard for them. Also this week I realized how beautiful Antigua is there is always a view of a volcano. We have a family from the states that moved into our ward and will only be here 6 months but I hope I get the chance to know them good. 

Spiritual thought 1juan 1:7 When we walk with Christ he cleans us. 

I love you guys have a great week!!

Love Elder Peacock

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week #55 .....Do not yield to temptation!



The sister here had some problems so they got moved to our area and we got moved to theirs. It’s been super confusing to open an area as zone leaders but it’s been super successful. When the sisters were here they had zero progressing investigators we have worked 3 days and we have 8 that went to church on Sunday!!!!! It’s so fun to work in Antigua with tourist’s haha. This area only has roads that are pebble stone so my feet have so many blisters that they hurt, and its huge. I have seen more Americans here in the last 3 days than I have in the last year and a little. Haha. The members are pretty cool and are not used to elders at all. (Its always been a sisters area). So I’m in the same zone with the same companion we just changed houses to Antigua (littlest house ever but super expensive for Guatemala. We have been blessed with miracles everyday!!!

Pictures - my last baptism in Milpas Altas (Mizael Castillo) and my companion and some cool Antigua stuff

Spiritual thought - Do not yield to temptation. I have leaned that Satan only tempts us before something great will happen. Like if Heavenly Father is going go give us a bunch of blessings. Satan will tempt us before so that we don’t feel worthy of blessings. If you are tempted just know that if you are faithful, and good things are in store!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Peacock