Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week #73........Have a Plan!

What’s up people…

This week was great. Happy New Years, may 2018 be the best year that we can imagine. New Years here consists of a lot of fireworks, tamales, beer and music. If you take away the tamales, its pretty much the same as the states. But regardless we had to be in the house before 9:30pm. But my companion and I woke up at 11:50 to enjoy the fireworks, the 20 minutes later we went back to bed….haha. Also we had a baptism last week his name is Gregorio….he is super tall (lol JK) but he is the coolest old dude ever. This week as a zone we baptized 10 people, so that was sick. I love the mission.

Spiritual Thought -The Lord works through plans, therefore we need to have a plan, for our lives and for this year. Pray and find out what your plan will be in 2018….and get’er done!

Elder Peacock

Monday, January 1, 2018

Week #72...Read the Book of Mormon

Hey family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so fun to get to talk with the family yesterday!!!!!! I loved Christmas what a special time of year. So here in Guatemala they celebrate Christmas pretty much like we celebrate New Years with fireworks and they stay up till midnight etc... But it was fun we ate so many tamales and we so sick of ponche, but it was awesome. It was so incredible to see that everybody wanted to share their Christmas day with us, share their food. People are nice... but anyway not much to write just talked yesterday. We are here in Puerto on the beach doing some divisions.

Spiritual thought. I started the Book Of Mormon on Nov 1 finished Dec 23. What a book. Read it please!!

I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Peacock

PS sorry no pictures until next week this is a sketchy internet haha

Week #71 .....Excited about Christmas


This week was super great!!! We had a baptism on Saturday and confirmed him on Sunday!!!! It was great also, family thanks for the packages and the snacks they are so great. Also this week we had our Christmas meeting it was really fun we got to see a lot of the bros and it was sick!!! I’m super excited for this Christmas it will be great. haha I really don’t have that much to write for this week but just know that I’m doing great and that I love you guys!

Spiritual Thought- 3 Nephi 11 Jesus Christ appeared among the Nephites. It is so incredible what goes down when he comes to the Americas GO and read it!!!!

Love Elder Peacock

Week #70.....Read The Book of Mormon daily!


This week was great; we did regular missionary stuff, and had fun. SO from my area I can see 4 volcanoes, AGUA FUEGO; ACATENANGO AND PACAYA. So fuego and pacaya are active, but fuego has been going off for 4 days straight so that’s lit. The first day was just smoke the next two a bunch of lava and now its back to smoking. Stupid volcano’s breaking the W:O:W ( sorry stupid missionary joke.) but its been nuts, Also it got “cold" like its not cold it just hit 65 degrees. And I kid you not that people are in coats and bennies and gloves trying not to die of hypothermia. Its so funny because Davis and I are sweating and everybody thinks we are nuts. but the coldness is a tender mercy. Oh and I found out why I’m not loosing weight like I normally do in the coast. The milk here is 3.5 percent fat. Whole milk hahaha and I eat like 2 bowls of cereal a day lol.

Spiritual thought. So on the 10th day of November our mission president challenged all of us to read the Book of Mormon before Christmas. I am in Helaman 7 so I’m getting there, but its been incredible how much I am learning this time. I have read the BOM a few times here on the mission, but for some reason this time has been special. I am learning, not just the stories but also the principles, and I love it. I have come to know why everybody always says to read it EVERDAY. It will give us courage and knowledge to come out of everyday a victor over Satan.


I love you guys too! 


Elder Peacock

Week #69.....Charity

Hey guys!!

This week was super hot, like super hot. I defiantly got fried and I have been sweating all week!!! And to make things better we don’t have water in the house. I have been showering with one bag of pure water everyday for the last week!!!! haha I sent you a pic of the water bags. Also the other picture I sent with me with a purple-bagged drink, its Gatorade. haha they put all drinks in plastic bags here. pues sí... this week was sick we had a baptism of a little boy named Anderson on Saturday got confirmed and bore his testimony on Sunday. haha so cool. Also there is a loved for fried chicken here in this ward. We eat so much chicken; the plate below is what we ate for Sunday lunch. The weirdest thing is they don’t clean out the chicken they just kill it pluck it and fry it. So all those part have like guts and stuff haha. Sometimes is we are super hungry we eat um, haha but I’m working and having a blast. I cant wait for Christmas!!!

Spiritual thought - without charity thou art nothing. Charity is so important. We need to LOVE everybody this Christmas season, especially Christ, remember him!!!!!

Elder Peacock