Thursday, November 23, 2017

Week #68 ...... Pure Joy!

Hey Guys, 

This week was awesome as usual. There is never a bad week all weeks are awesome. Its incredible to see the pure joy that LIVING the gospel brings to our lives as missionaries and to the people that listen and LIVE the message. I love being a missionary it is absolutely surreal. Frustration anger and discouragement comes but the love of the Savior not only takes those away but fills the gap that is left over, with HOPE!! The gospel is incredible. That’s why it requires so much of us. If it was easy it wouldn’t be incredible, and since its incredible it’s not easy. This week we had 11 people in church with 8 people that have baptismal dates on this Sunday. We hope and pray that we can help them walk into the waters of baptism, thus making a key first step toward exaltation. Elder Davis and I are having a blast here and we see miracles. Its so much fun doing the work when both are animated to do it. I rolled my ankle super hard for the second time in two weeks haha now its super swollen, but its all good. I love being here and learning everyday!!! Be thankful for the things that you have back home in the states, have a great thanksgiving

I Love you guys!!!!!!!


Week #67......Doing the same thing equals the same results

Hey what’s up guys!!!!! 

This week was super good we saw many miracles. My English has improved so much this change hahaha. My companion and I get along great! It’s really fun to get the chance to talk in English for a while. I hope that we stay as companions again!!! It has been ridiculously hot these last few days. And it doesn’t help that everybody gives us boiling hot soup to eat haha I don’t understand that. But they say if your insides are hot the outside of your body feels cooler. haha it makes no sense. This week we found a family of 6 and they went to church. It was so cool to help them get to church!!! I did a gnarly ankle sprain playing 1 on 1-basketball vs my comp. The first time I play basketball this year and I hurt myself. hahaha it swelled up pretty good but not as swollen now it just hurts haha.

Spiritual thought - if we always do the same things that we have always done, we will always get the same results that we have always gotten. I like this phrase. Its cool to think about! So if you are happy with the blessings that you have keep on doing what you are doing, if not change it up a little!!! Do the simple things read scriptures and pray!!!!

I love you guys!!!

Elder Peacock

Week #66 - Goodbye Antigua, Hello Escuintla


GUYS I HAVE A WHITE BOY COMPANION HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! i thought that this day would never come!! My companion is my good buddy Elder Davis from Virginia, we entered the mission together and now we are zone leaders in Escuintla. My area is called Golondrinas and its super hot. I am sweating so much, and its super humid so it makes it worse. My zone has 14 elders and no sister’s haha!! I really can’t tell you too much because I don’t know that much about it yet but there are two beach areas in my zone. Puerto San Jose and Puerta de Hierro!!! It will be fun to do divisions there to see the beach!! It has been so wierd speaking English a lot!! But it has been a blast!!!!!!! I am super excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this change!!!!!

Spiritual moment! This morning we were walking to the stake center to do zone training and the was a guy there waiting for us... we talked to him and said that 20 years ago the missionaries visited him and he hated it and wanted nothing to do with the church!! But he had felt something inside him saying you need to find those missionaries again. He found us and he is super sweet and will go to church on Sunday!!!!

Love you guys!!! 

Elder Peacock

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week #65.......God is ALL powerful

I totally forgot about Halloween haha!!!!

Hey guy’s what’s up so apparently today is Halloween. How weird. Haha but all is good here in the hood!!!!!! This week was full of ups and downs. We went into the week with a whole bunch of potential to baptize like crazy in the zone.. But Satan was not having it. He worked hard to take away 10 people from baptism. Dumb Satan, but don’t worry we will get them back this week. My companion is a peculiar guy. He is always talking, always just not during the lessons haha he talks to himself a lot haha but I try to find the way to strike up conversation. This week we bought selfie sticks. Its better because there is always one missionary not in the picture. If you ask some random dude to take your picture you will never get you camera back haha. We found a dude that’s got some talent!!!! He whips out some gnarly bracelets in like 30 seconds. And the only cost 5 quetzals each. Like 75 cents I hope I stay in Antigua I love it here. But we will see what happens. 

Spiritual thought. Satan has power. Many people get this confused. Satan has power that God gives him. He has no power without God. God is ALL powerful. So Satan has to receive his ‘power´´ from God!!! Don’t fall in temptation people.

I love you guys!! Wont talk till Wednesday because its change thisweek!!!!!!! 

Love you all!

Elder Peacock

Week #64 ......Be Hopeful, Be Cheerful, Be Loving


This week was good. We did the same missionary stuff like we always do. We hope to have 2 baptisms this Sunday!!!! It’s the family that got married. For p-day we were going to go to Panajachel with all of the mountains but the bus broke down on Sunday. So the dude who was going to take us told us that he couldn’t, but oh well good thing we live in Antigua. My companion is doing all right. Its not that we don’t get along because we do. We are just so different it’s hard to strike up a conversation. I do a lot of solitary thinking this week hahaha. Everybody thought the rainy season was over. False alarm people….. the rainy season is defiantly not over. We got soaked yesterday. My zone is good and going to get bigger next change. They are going to open up an area called San Pedro las huertas. It has not had missionaries for like a year. So we get to find a house where the new missionaries can stay. Its kind of tricky because there are such limited houses and so many rules the mission has for the houses. Oh and they only give us 1200 quetzals to pay per house per month. So its been tricky.... other than that all is good here in Guatemala.

I have been thinking a lot about hope lately. The gospel brings a perfect brightness of hope. The gospel sheds light in the darkest of places and gives us hope a better world like the book of Mormon teaches us. I know that hope is easier said than done. It’s hard to hope, because hoping is having faith with no evidence that something will happen. Just putting 100 percent confidence in the Lord is a hard thing, but if we can do it. Your life improves. Hope gives us understanding of our purpose. We need to hope for things, which are not seen but true. The Gospel is not a physical thing that you can see, but we can see the blessings that come from it. For that reason we need to HOPE!!!!! Be Hopeful. Be Cheerful, Be Loving. 

Elder Peacock