Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week #34.........Everything is WET!!

What’s up guys!!!

This week was sick we worked so hard and saw miracles. Lets just start off with the rain. I hate rain. It rains a lot. I am always wet and so it my stuff. HAHA but its all good because I feel like the Lord blesses us more when it rains so rain on baby!!!!! We had divisions with my zone leader who reminds me of my cousin Spencer. Everything he does is Spencer like haha and it makes me laugh. Divisions are always fun when the other guy speaks English. Things are simply funnier in English, but listen people we BAPTIZED this week. I was feeling kind of awful because we hadn’t baptized anyone this month but we finally got Domingo in the water, oh and it was so cool. All of his catholic family came to church to support him it was so sick. My whole district baptized this week and it was a miracle I’ve never been in a district where everyone baptized in one week but we did it!!!!!!! My companion is super weird I know he does weird stuff. He puts weird baby powder on his feet everyday and for exercises he only does squats. (I guess he wants a bigger butt) LOL. I have tried and tried and tried to get this kid to laugh, he will not laugh and trust me I have used all my best material but nothing. He thinks he should be in charge because he is 21 but haha its all good. We get along just fine and are working hard…. every missionary has weird stuff they do.  

Spiritual Thought - Hebrew 11:25 definition of Faith that maybe you haven’t heard before - Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;

I Love You guys!!

Elder Peacock

Elder Vivas, Domingo, Elder Peacock

Elder Fisher, Elder Peacock, and Elder Asay

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week #33 .....Follow the first impression of the spirit

Hey Friends,

This week was sick lol.
We had a meeting for all the new kids in the mission this week so my companion and I had to go. So the night before all of the new missionaries came to our house to have a SLEEPOVER: I know its sounds like I am 6 years old but lol so fun this night. We were talking in the bed with the lights off until 1 in the morning and we got up at 2 to got to the capital. On the way back we were sitting in a bus, usually people beg for money in the buses but this time 3 dudes got up and rapped and it was super sick. They rapped about how white Mormons walk faster than Usain Bolt runs lololol. On the same bus a missionary got punch (the missionary with me in the McDonalds picture) in the face the bus driver pulled over and head butted this drunken dude who punched the missionary and broke his nose, he actually broke the drunk dudes nose (not the missionary haha he is fine.) I had divisions with a kid who entered with me in the mission his name is Elder Cruz he is from Coban Guatemala, but were are super good friends and it was a fun day with him. Next Sunday we will baptize Domingo haha he is 81 and super sweet. I am going on divisions with my zone leader today and he looks just like my cousin spencer more photos to come.

I love the mission.

Spiritual Thought - 2 kings 5 - The story of naaman. We need to follow the first impression of the spirit.........

Nobody sent me a bracket pura lata guys


Elder Peacock
Jake and his Companion

Elder Peacock and Elder Cruz

Week #32.....Christ will carry us back to the herd.

Hey Friends

This week was so good. hahahahaa but i got to tell you what happened at church this little girl had to give a talk, her name is Dulce, shes like 12 hahah anyway she gets up there and starts talking and hahaha she had this shirt on and it was black with big white writing and it said a really bad word in English…she was giving a talk in church with a shirt that had a swear word lolol. Anyway we had 4 investigators at church which I was happy with because this area is hard to bring investigators and we have an old guy named Domingo lol he is sick he’s 81 and going to get baptized on the 26th.. I love my area and my companion is learning a lot.  He is just so nervous to talk to anyone buts its all good. We are having a blast.  It is starting to rain a bunch here so all our stuff gets wet. On our house the roof isn’t connected to the walls so we pile all our stuff in the middle of the house so things don’t get wet lol. Guatemala is the crazy place ever but I love it…it keeps you on your toes. My district is doing well. Its a challenge to have 8 missionaries and call them all a bunch everyday, but I love it. i have nothing to say but good stuff about the mission.

Spiritual thought-  Lucas 15- this stories about Christ’s love for us. 
Christ will put us on his shoulders and carry us back to the herd..

I love you guys!

Elder peacock

P.s. March Madness predictions without receiving help or seeing a bracket and who's in the tourney. 

Final 4 Arizona,Michigan st, Kentucky, and Kansas

with Kansas betting Arizona for the campionanto

Elder Fisher, Elder Hougaard and Elder Peacock the youngest District leaders in the mission

Meet on the airplane traveling to Guatemala and now are friends for life.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week #31..............It's Simple


This week was really cool, really hard but sweet. So my companion knows close to nothing about how to be a mission so it’s a blast teaching him. Our lessons are so dang funny because he gets really nervous and says weird stuff. We are waking up extra early to help him practice his teaching skills and I’m loving every second. I find my patience being tested but its growing more than anything. So my I’m the youngest in my district, I’m 18 and all the rest are older. My companion is 21 so it’s fun talking to them to find different perspectives on how to do things. I really love the mission. haha Other than work and practice and work some more, we really had a regular week. My companion is super shy and nervous, but I know why I’m his companion....His mom passed away one month after dad so I know I’m here to help keep his spirit up and not get sad.

Spiritual Thought-Christ wants you to succeed. Do you want to succeed? Simple….but think about it.

Love you peeps, peace out from the hot fiery furnace of Guatemala

Elder Peacock

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week #30 ........Do all you can to keep your standards of Truth and Righteousness

Hey guys!!

This week was super cool. I’m doing great and working hard I received a new companion his name is Elder Vivas. He is from Honduras and is 21. He is brand new from the MTC so its kind of fun being his trainer. Also I’m now in charge of 4 sisters and 7 other elder here in the district. A bunch of new stuff but all is super cool and I like learning how to help these missionaries. So other than these new things I’m doing I don’t have much news. Like its really hot and sweaty here and it rains a lot haha. The other day while my old companion was saying goodbye to people it rained so hard that the water was at our knees walking through the streets. Oh, good old Guatemala haha. I am working really hard how to improve to be a better servant of the Lord for his people in the area and his missionaries that he has trusted me with. I hope to show him that I am able to do these things, which I have been assigned. 

Spiritual Thought - Daniel 3. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, the three dudes who would rather have died than fallen to temptation, or pray to false idols. We need to be like them. Not die but like we need to be willing to do all we can to keep our standards of truth and righteousness.  I’m doing soooo good and having soooo fun.

Love you all, have a great week and keep improving!

Elder Peacock

Elder Peacock and his District

Elder Vivas and Elder Peacock