Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week #17......Small Things in life bring us blessings

Hey Family and Friends


We had a great week here in el Tejar. Here’s a little about what I did.


Martes -

Had divisions with Elder Clavo he’s from Peru he’s kind of a little weird haha but he’s good so that was fun.  We were in El Tejar again so that’s always fun. We taught a bunch of lessons and during one of the lessons Elder Clavo put on a ring from and investigator. Long story short it got stuck on his finger and it’s still there today because he can’t get it off lol. 



We had a multi zone conference of all the 4 zones here in the mountains. It was so cool I learned a whole bunch but I am the only new kid in the mountains so didn’t see anyone I knew but this day got my companion and I pumped to do some work so we literally ran from appointment to appointment so that was super cool. What a sick day.



My meal selection today while all of you ate turkey 

3 Misperos for breakfast, cow liver for lunch, and eggs for dinner lol. Today was sweet one of our investigators Christopher got an answer and wants to be baptized but he works Sundays so that will be tough but cool day



Today was grand we had our last reunion de los neuvos so I saw all my buddies which was so sick Elder Fischer is so skinny lol. Everyone is killing it, so I’m so happy for them. Today we rode a train called the metro and it 1000000 times scarier than the subway in New York haha but it was so cool to ride, it felt like a champ.



I had a sweet lesson with a family we contacted familia sarazua and they are legit. They just need to have enough faith to stop going to their church and go the Lords church but this day was splendid


Domingo -

Best day- we taught 16 lessons and 8 of our investigators came to church and it was so cool. I was so tired this day like wow wanted to die but it was sick.


Lunes/p-day -

We went to the mall and played air hockey hahaha I took the zone to the shack and then I ate some grape ice cream I’m telling you this stuff is so good. 


Spiritual thought - When we show our faith in Christ he blesses us. When we do the small things in life we are eternally blessed so just endure to the end and everything with be just sweet.


Love you all, Thanks for the emails and prayers 


Elder Peacock

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week #16 ..........Give more Generously

Hey Family and Friends, 


I am doing super well here in El Tejar. I have this week and next week until I’m done with training so that is super awesome...because I’m not a huge fan of the wake up at 5 every day. But I had a spiritual experience this week; I was in sacrament meeting and the bishop gave a talk about tithing and offerings. He said something that caught me off guard. He said us here in the country of Guatemala are so fortunate to have what we do, so we need to give generous offerings to help those who are truly in need. Wow this made me think, some of the people here have a lot of money, but most have very little yet he is calling them to give more generous offerings. So if these people here find it necessary to give these offerings of what they have, all the more we as Americans should give generously to help the church and those who are in need. This isn’t just money, its time, willingness, and a happy attitude. So that’s what I learned. But here a quick recap of the week –



We visited D and Ch and both of them told us that they have received answers that the Book of Mormon is true. Ch expressed a desire to serve a mission. So that was way cool. But we have a lot more to do with them because of past sins and worthiness stuff but we are getting there.



Funny thing we were walking to an appointment and this dude was carrying this big ole blender around and selling smoothies haha. If someone wanted to buy one I’m not sure where he would plug it in haha, put his pitch was good! He would yell at the top of his lungs I have this blender and a want to make you a drink but you need to pay me 5 quetzales lol. This day was good, we taught M who is 9 and is going to get baptized this week, we hope.



We were eating lunch and everybody here always has candles lit in the house and my companion went to grab a napkin and his napkin lit on fire with the candle. It’s all good the lady poured her orchata (drink - really weird) all over his hand lol. We met the coolest lady today her name is KT and she is less active, she has an incredible story. So her husband was kidnapped and she told her kids that he was working in the US to make more money. KT had no idea what happened to him, so she got really depressed and one day it was so bad that she wanted to end her life and her kid’s life with a grenade. So she gathered her kids and herself in a circle to "pray" (kill them). When she heard a knock on the door. "We are personal representatives of Jesus Christ and we just want to tell you how much he loves you and he wants you to be happy" she didn’t answer. The missionaries kept knocking for 10 minutes straight when she finally answered the door and let them in to talk. She hid the bomb in her pants while they preached. She was then baptized. But she never told the missionaries this story. We are the first ones she has told in the church and her son is now an investigator for us.



This homeboy saw this big ole rat in the road stepped on it picked it up and threw it in his neighbor’s house and said, this will teach them hahaha. I want to know the rest of that story. We had an amazing lesson with MT and his family. He and his younger brother are 10 and 8 and aren’t members’ but their parents are. They are white people from Guatemala…. just white haha with blonde hair. So we get along good haha!



We ate lunch and they had this vegetable that is so stinking nasty.  It’s so gross I can’t eat it but luckily their dog liked it haha. This day we had a lesson with M she is doing good and is on track for Sunday baptism.



We went to Omar’s house to eat and I love this guy so much he’s the coolest but we taught 18 lessons today!!!!!! Wow so cool



That’s a quick look at life in Guatemala….. Cool stuff

Love You,

Elder Peacock

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week #15......Never a Sacrifice that is bigger than the blessings that follows

Familiares y amigos,

Wow super good week this week this is what I did.

Divisions with Elder Hernandez, I had the opportunity to led my area which is a big compliment from the zone leaders, because elders in training never lead the area, but it was super cool. I think I handled it well, so that was good. Elder Hernandez is from Honduras and he reminds me of my buddy Bray. So we had a good time on Tuesday.

Oh my what a funny day haha we had a lesson with a kid named D and at the end of the lesson we asked if he would pray but haha he started his prayer with good morning Jesus how are you?? LOL super funny! This little kid probably 3 years old was a running by our house with a bear head on like a mascot head, so funny. Also we ate lunch at a member’s house and they have a cat named Shet and she always yells at the cat and it sounds like she is swearing in English. Also today every person I passed asked my one of 3 questions; are you related to Donald Trump. Did you vote for Donald Trump and do you hate me because I’m Latino LOL so funny. Today we meet two new investigators so cool.

So you remember my fist baptism C yeah so two weeks ago he disappeared off the face of the earth and we have been looking for him ever since, but today we said a bunch of prayers asking to find him and we found him. What a miracle, he also came to church on Sunday, which is great. The volcano erupted again and shook the ground and everything…. pretty cool. We found a new part of our area we didn’t know existed so we are excited to contact it. 

Divisions with Elder Arellano leader de zona. I led the area again, which is always way cool. I learned a bunch from him and how to be a better teacher. I felt this day was awesome because we found a new family to teach.

Funniest day yet, holy cow like during lunch my companion clogged the bathroom of a member and the bathrooms here aren’t flushable. You have to get a bucket to flush the toilet. I do not know why I found that so funny but what can I say I’m a big fan of clogged bathroom stories super funny. I was asked again if I was Donald Trump today and I was like no and then he said well I only know two white people Trump and Marraco mama.. There were a lot of things wrong with this statement. First its barrack Obama and second he isn’t white but haha so funny

Today was so spiritual we had lessons with C, M and M three future baptisms…. hopefully and all went excellently as we planned. Today I felt like my Spanish was decent enough not to make myself look dumb in lessons I love Sundays.

I’m doing so, good having a blast, learning a lot about the gospel and myself.

Spiritual Thought-
There is never a sacrifice that is bigger than the blessings that follow. This is so true and I see it everyday. If we are willing to pay the price will see more blessings than we thought possible.

People are bundled up in coats here in Guatemala but I’m chilling in my short sleeved shirt because it 75 degrees but hey I love Guatemala and I love you guys


Elder Pavo Real 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Week #14 .........Doing the will of God!

Hey Family and Friends-

This week was super good…so here’s a summary of the days

Nov 1 
Today was a huge celebration it’s the day after Halloween, and everyone is drunk and parties. Its a tradition on this day to eat this food called fiambre its a salad of meat and I hated it real bad hahaha. Also, everyone flies kites or barilets…. like the whole city flies these huge kites its way cool. I hate this platanos with chile chocolate, which was really gross too. Today was good because we meet a new guy named E and he seems super positive.

Nov 2 
This family of members gave us food today and its so delicious as always. These guys are name E and J and they have 3 kids and a nephew that live with them in this little house, they are awesome and invite us over to FHE every week. During lunch, I said the prayer and one of the kids was in the other room and he had this speaker on full blast playing baby got back (I like big Butts) haha during my prayer. That was sooooo funny. Today was so cool because we meet another family!!!!! J and B, they we really receptive and seem awesome.

Nov 3
I had divisions with elder Clavo in his area Sumpango he is from Peru and I enjoy this kid. Sumpango is a really tough area; we meet a lot of their converts and visited mostly members. It rained harder that anything I’ve seen in my life and the soles of my shoes the inside part both came out because they were so wet, but this day was fun.

Nov 4
Today I went back in El Tejar which is good….. because I am a big fan of my area. But it sucked because we met with our investigator E who we met with a few days back and he’s puro cabra (he doesn’t want anything) so that was sucky but we didn’t let that get us down. Them we meet with the new family B and J. We knocked on the door J answered and she said she couldn’t listen to us anymore because her husband threatened her. But this was hard because she told us the night before she received some answers - The BOM is true, so we will do everything we can to meet with her.

Nov 5
Today we had baptismal interviews in the other 2 areas in the district. Since my companion is District Leader, so I go with him and wait while he has these meetings. The zone leaders did splits with us today and I went with elder Osorio and we went to Sumpango for interviews. I love that kid so much haha so cool. Other than that we contacted for hours today and got nowhere but we are praying to find a family to teach.

Nov 6
We put a bunch of work in today; I gave a blessing to our friend and convert J. it was super spiritual and my Spanish was super good during the blessing. We didn’t find a family but we had 7 news and a bunch of other appointments too, so this day was great. We also had a sleepover at the zone leaders house because we are going to Lago Atitlan tomorrow 

Nov 7.
Today was so cool, we woke up at 3 to got to this lake that is supposedly the waters of Mormon. …so cool. This lake was beautiful. It is huge and has a massive volcano on the shore. In this area the people do not speak Spanish only Sutuil, it’s so nuts but so cool the elders there speak Sutuil too.

Spiritual thought. 
Obedience’ doing the will of God
It is so vitally important to be obedient; we need to do everything in our power to be obedient. Because only through obedience can we be truly happy and receive everything our Father has. So as a missionary I’m trying to be obedient always and I encourage you guys to do the same. 

I am doing so great and having a blast. Its a little cold right now but its so pretty!

I love you guys have a good week

Vaika (Addios in sutiul) 

Elder Peacock

Waters of Mormon



Jake and Elder Ballesteros

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week #13......Bury All Temptations!

Hey Family and Friends,
What’s good in the states? This week was soo cool. We found three cool families and they are all progressing. We have 12 possibilities for baptism this change. So hopefully we are able to utilize the spirit and get these guys in the water.  Other than life as a missionary, there are 4 volcanoes (3 active that surround the area of Chimal and one of them exploded. It was so cool, big ole lava and ash everywhere but it is the furthest one from us. I couldn’t get a picture and we were safe…. don’t worry mom. This P-day we played soccer again and I still suck and I still don’t like soccer. But it was good to get my butt kicked again Haha.  On Monday the sisters went to the hospital for something but when they came back their bus broke down in our area so we sprinted from one side of the area to the other to help these sisters find a way home, it was interesting. I am starting to see progress in my Spanish so that make me excited.
 It was actually cold this week, which I’m fine with.  We ate some way good food such as dog soup with lovely bland tortillas hahaha.  We think it was dog because it was really weird and the guy told us it was dog in a joking voice but we don’t think he was kidding.
Spiritual thought of the week - we were contacting and I decided to man up and contact this group of dudes who looked kind of scary. I invited them to church and asked if we could share a message, one of them had a beer and we explained in order to receive happiness in this life it’s vital we maintain our bodies clean and right then and there he dumped out his beer and he is now a progressing investigator. So it’s so important for us to be willing to drop everything and bury all temptation like the anti-Nephi -Lehi’s and follow our Savior. But haha one more funny thing whenever I see a guy drinking in a nice voice I say stop drinking beer in English usually they are just confused and say gracias but one dude spoke English and called me some bad words haha
I’m doing so great, Love you all have a great week,
Elder Peacock

Elder Peacock and his district on Halloween with vampire teeth that I sent them

Tienda (store) that are everywhere!

Elder Peacock in El Tejar