Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week #26......Through God we can do hard things!!

Sup family and friends,

This week was really hot and sweaty. I drank 15 bags of water in one day. I am doing really well but I’m kind of sick right now due to the heat, but we are all good. This week we had 5 investigators at church one of which was Henry. He is the coolest dude ever and he is progressing great. He just has problems to fix before baptism but who doesn’t we aren’t perfect. This week on Friday I did probably the hardest thing physically I’ve ever done in my life. We started a fast for some investigators at one o’clock, worked all day in the heat and went home. I was soooo parched and wanted to drink water with all of my heart but I didn’t and kept fasting. The next day we woke up at 5 to do service on a farm that harvest the Ule (rubber) form trees. We hiked like several miles in, cut wood carried it back with a makapal (thing for our head to carry wood) I was sweating so bad my shirt was dripping sweat it was nasty. I wanted to die because I wanted to drink so badly, but by the time we ended and got showered up we were only at like 11o’clock so we were still missing two hours of no water. During the hike I was praying the whole time to God to ask for strength to finish the hike and to finish the fast. He didn’t make it easy but he did make it possible to finish the fast in the Guatemalan heat. This reminds me of the atonement of Christ. Christ wanted to have the cup pass from him. But that was not Gods plan, God by no means made the atonement easy, but it was possible through his perfect son. Through God we can do hard things!!!!!

I love Santa Barbara and Guatemala and the mission and you guys!!

Peace from the heat 

Elder Peacock

PS GO PATS. My super bowl prediction without knowing a thing about either team is Patriots 27 - little birdies 10

Santa Barbara, Guatemala

Elder Peacock

Jake Companion Elder Lares

Elder Lares

Harvesting the Ule Trees

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 25 .....Santa Barbara Suchitepeques AKA the hottest place on mother earth

Sup people

I am in Santa Barbara in the coast of Guatemala. First impression… I am going to die because it’s so dang hot. But its so pretty here likes WOW. My companion is Elder Lares from Peru. I love this kid.. LOL he is so funny and we are working hard to get people to the branch here. The branch is made of 40ish people and the president is a recent convert and the counselors are less active lol. Funny thing, I gave a talk in church because the people who were going to talk did not show up. We are finding people left and right to teach. This area is small but we are being creative to find people. Our best investigators are Henry and Abneer they own a hamburger cart and love talking bible, but they also love the Book Of Mormon, so that’s good. I am doing so great. I am sweating so much but I’m happy so all is well. The house was soooooooo gross when I came so we cleaned all p-day and its better now. I sprayed the whole thing with cockroach spray and we also have mice and lizard problems so let me know if you know a good pesticide for lizard’s lol just kidding. I am doing well.

Spiritual thought - We need to read the scriptures to fully gain a testimony. How can we have a testimony if we don’t listen to what God has told us through his servants the prophets?

Love you all, peace out

Elder Peacock


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week #24 .........Last Day in El Tejar

Hey Friends and Family,

I really don’t have that much to write this week. It is my last day in El Tejar and I am getting transferred tomorrow to who knows where. I am super excited for a new opportunity to meet new people and to realize who I can be here in Guatemala. I love being here and helping people realize there Eternal potential.  This week we had a lesson with president Markham. He randomly showed up and we went to a lesson with him. The lesson was really cool we felt the sprit so strong. I also found out my buddy Elder Miles will be in Sumpango the area next to mine which sucks because I am leaving, but cool for him. He will baptize like a monster there. I’m doing sooo good and loving life.

Spiritual Though - The mission is a once in a lifetime experience. I have realized something while I’ve been here. The mission and life in general isn’t easy it is hard; we have ups and downs. The reason life isn’t easy is because salvation and the atonement weren’t easy.

I Love you; Have a great week this week.

Elder Peacock

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week #23 .........Follow the spirit!

Hello Family and Friends –

I will be honest this week was really boring but we found 24 new investigators….so that was good. I fell on p-day perfectly on my knee and man it split open and started to ooze out blood.  I do not like the site of blood so threw up 8 times in an hour.... LOL. A quick visit to the hospital and 6 stitches later... all better. WOW- I have to tell you about a miracle that happened yesterday. We have been getting this impression all week to visit this one member in particular, we usually visit him a bunch but for some reason we haven’t in a while. I told my companion that we needed to go visit him. We were sooo far away from his house but he agreed so we started the speed walk to his house. This guy is super faithful and the nicest coolest dude in the world. He is diligent in his church callings and served a full time mission. So we usually go over there and share the coolest lessons. We rang his doorbell and nothing happened, 6 times later we decided to call so we called his number, and he answered his door. He looked awful like physically sick, tired, and sad. I walked in and gave him a big ole hug (like usual) and he said "you guys don’t know do you" we said no super confused like, he told us that his wife on his birthday the day after Christmas left him. Robbed all of his stuff and is now living with an x-missionary. We felt so bad, my heart hurt for this man. I felt sadder than I have felt in a long time. We proceeded to listen to him and offer words of encouragement and read the scriptures. He asked for a blessing, the first one he has received after this incident and it was so spiritual. He then took us to his room, which had nothing in it but a pistol. He said do you see that pistol I was about to use it to do some very bad things, but then my phone rang…. I think I broke some rules Mom, but I proceeded to pick up the pistol and unload it and make sure he couldn’t do anything bad. WOW I am glad that we followed the prompting of the spirit and went to this dudes house. We are going to start visiting him every day.

Spiritual thought - Follow the spirit, it is literally directions from God that he trusts us with. We need to listen to it even if we aren’t sure why.


Elder Peacock

PS I’m probably going to get transferred this week… so pray that I have a good companion and can pack my bags good. (IDK why I’m so dang worried about the dumb bags) but I will email to you Wednesday not Tuesday!

Peace out from El Tejar!!!!!!!!! I think....

Jake all smiles - no pain!
Jake acting like he is in tons of pain and that he might need some attention...LOL

All better, stitched up and ready to go back out into the world

Hopefully this is the one and only visit to the hospital so he needed a picture of it.

UTAH Plates are always great to see.