Thursday, May 25, 2017

Week #42 .......I Love this Gospel, it changes peoples lives.

What what what is up my friends and family?

This week was sick and went back way fast!! I am so happy that we have changes tomorrow I am staying in Santa Barbara and will be receiving Elder Martinez, he is brand new from the CCM. This is my second Elder to train so far in my mission. I’m pumped to start training a new companion I love training it makes me feel like I make a difference in the lives of people and of the missionaries. Well we have a few investigators that are progressing and they are awesome. One of them is awesome and has a great desire to change!!  Satan is attacking him, on all fronts but we are working hard to support him on his journey to baptism. He wants to be a member of a church that is true he told us and he wants God to know how much he loves him!! It is super awesome teaching him and learning from him. This p-day we had a water fight it was sick because it is too hot to do anything else. Also changes were supposed to be today and we write tomorrow but the whole country is on strike against the president Jimmy Morales so the is no busses to get to the capitol. So tomorrow I will get my new companion. 

Spiritual thought!!!

I heard a great talk by Brad Wilcox a BYU professor about grace. It is amazing. It compares grace to piano practice. Our mom pays ALL OF THE PRICE AND DOES NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN BUT PRACTICE OR CHANGE!!!! It’s the same with our Lord and savior he has ALREADY PAYED THE PRICE. There is no more price to be paid, we cannot re-pay him, the only thing that he asks is that we use his atonement and change. I love this gospel it changes peoples lives that we teach and it continues to change mine. I love you family and friends.

Big peace out till Tuesday!!!!

Elder Peacock

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week #41.....Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith


This week was super awesome, I turned 19 so that’s cool. I had a great birthday that started off super funny. I woke up soaking wet in the middle of the night because the roof had a leak in it hahahah. Then I opened up my package with 56 super sick ties (thanks to everyone who sent me a tie and a note I loved reading those!!) I had members buy me a cake and it was super awesome and other members tried to cook brownies in a crockpot!!! So funny but so gross. The next day I called my family and it was super AWESOME. I talked to all my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. This call was way more interesting than my first one!! Other than that we worked super hard this week and saw miracles I an grateful for that!!!!. We will be having changes on Tuesday and I will get a new companion here in the area I think and then we will write on Wednesday!!!!

Theses are some sick pictures that I took and the Ohio state visor has a story!!! haha these members own a little clothing store, and they told me I could pick one item for my birthday and like nothing in Guatemala fits me right… so I picked up a Jim Tressell Ohio state visor to eat my cake with haha. We went to this waterfall on p-day and took pictures and then I treated myself to a shoeshine this morning. Now my shoes are sparkly hahaha and also I’m so excited for a new companion it will be awesome. It was weird this week my companion was kind of normal, so that was awesome!!!! haha I have so many stories to tell but not enough time!!!! I love you guys!!!!

Spiritual thought!! Sometimes we wait for answers to questions to be a grand display of the power of God but many times the answer is already inside of us!!!! We just need to doubt our doubts before we doubt our faith!!!!!


Elder Peacock

Its my 19th Birthday

Elder Peacock

We are all "Tied" to the gospel. Jake received 56 ties from our family and ward.

Jake loves him some Birthday pizza

Elder Peacock treated himself to a shoeshine- sparkly shoes

Elder Peacock has a family in is ward that make him a cake!

Elder Peacock and his awesome Ohio Visor

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week #40.....God puts "you" in the perfect situation for "you" in that moment!

WHAT WHAT WHAT IS UP (Paul Blart reference). 

This week was super rainy like… I could have hopped into a pool and dried off. Dudes Guatemala is legit the craziest most coolest place. But anyway this week we found a HUGE MIRALCE!!!!! A kid named Marco who is 16 recently moved to Santa Barbara and he had been going to church for like 3 months in a different mission here in Guatemala and he was going to get baptized, but then he moved here!!! This kid is sweet and he is the reason that my companion and I are still together. So I told you guys that my companion mom passed away a little after dad. Anyway this kid just lost both of his parents in a car crash 6 months ago and went looking for answers, when he found the church. So he is a legit miracle. But we are hoping and praying his brother gives him permission to be baptized. But that was sweet and that doubles as my spiritual thought because I was like why on earth are we supposed to learn or do together, but now I know and am humbled. I thought I was just the best and that my companion sucked but I am realizing that God doesn’t necessarily care if we are comfortable all he does is put you in the perfect situation for you in that moment…. I learned a lesson there. Seriously I am doing super good. I Love the mission and everything it stands for. It really encouraging to step out of the Utah comfort bubble and live in different parts off the world to learn and teach the things that bring us happiness.

I love you guys have a great week!!!!

Love Elder peacock

Elder Peacock in front of Chipo River

Where is Elder Peacock....?

Santa Barbara Guatemala

Week #39 .....Everything is the same

Hey guys!!

I feel like all my emails are the same I tell you that the week was good that we worked hard that its hotter than the sun here and a spiritual experience then I say that I love you and I’ll talk to you next week. haha and its pretty much the same thing again. We are working really hard with the members here to get the branch somewhat active. There are like 250 registered members but we have a weekly attendance of 27 so it is kind of sad to see a bunch of people who got baptized and never went back to church. But we are working hard to get the attendance up. We are working with a guy named Miguel. He is super awesome and he understands everything perfectly….but he has a problem with homo sexuality. and the good thing is he realizes that he cannot be baptized while acting upon this temptation. We are working really hard so that he can progress. On p-day we went to Antigua and it is seriously the coolest place ever. I ate at a Wendy’s for the first time in 9 months and I loved it man lol.

Spiritual thought is that Jesus loves you.. haha i couldn’t think of anything deep at the moment.

I love you Guys 

Elder Peacock

My District