Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week #48........Welcoming President and Sister Cluff

Hey family and friends,

This week was awesome!! We welcomed president and hermana Cluff to Guatemala. They are really awesome we love them.
In fact president wanted to do his first visits here in Antigua, Guatemala so he came with me to my area and I did the first divisions with president Cluff hahahaha it was so fun.

We also had an awesome baptism of a kid named neftali he goes by nefi, which is Spanish for Nephi. He is super cool and always tells us his desires to go on a mission. He’s mom is a less active that we found but now the whole family goes to church again. We also went this week to Panajachel. It is on the opposite side of lake Atitlan and it is so pretty the mountains are volcano’s that go off every 4 hours haha so sick. We are working so hard and seeing miracles. I love my companion and my calling. I love running around helping the zone have success. Some of these pictures are from Antigua too. 

Spiritual 4th of July thought - All of my life I have heard that the USA was the best country in the world. But until I left I didn’t think it was true. We are SO BLESSED to be United States citizens, the freedoms and privileges that we have are incredible to me. The amount of people who can live comfortably with out feelings scared for their life is so high in the states. Here people have nothing and are often worried about getting assaulted or worse killed. We are so blessed to live where we live and have the knowledge and capability to live the restored gospel. 


Love Elder Peacock

Elder Peacock with President and Hermana Cluff

Elder Peacock and Companion with Nefi

Lake Atitlan

President Cluff, Elder Peacock, Elder Santos, and Elder Whiting


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