Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week #50...Every Member is a Missionary!

Hey Family and Friends!!!!!!!

This week was incredibly busy but incredibly sick as always!! We ran (literally) around to help all of the missionaries with their progressing investigators. We saw a huge miracle on Sunday... so for us in Milpas Altas it is so hard to get people to church because the church is 30 minutes away in bus so its a huge time commitment to come (let alone financial burden) So to get somebody to church takes a lot of faith on there part. Anyway we had been working so hard to be able to get somebody to church. SO it was a miracle that somebody that we have never even talked to showed up to church and is super positive. We saw her there and starting asking her questions like who invited her. She told us that her sister is way less active but that she had been looking for answers in her life so she decided to come to church. HUGE MIRACLE. haha the mission is sick. Sometimes its super hard and discouraging, but with every small miracle I see my faith grows and I push forward to help my brothers and sisters be prepared to meet our maker!!!  I love the mission and its trials. 

Spiritual thought!!!
Missionaries are here to teach and to baptize. Missionary’s can knock doors all day and might find some people, but members know their neighbors and know the people who are ready to hear about the restored gospel. DONT BE SELFISH GIVE THE MISSIONARIES YOUR REFERENCES I KNOW YOU HAVE THEM PEOPLE!!!!

Sorry no pics this week but I’m still ugly don’t worry about me!!!

Love Elder Peacock

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