Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week #52......Obedience

Hey Guys,

This week was great like usual. We are seeing people change their lives. I got your ties mom they are sweet. We matched on Sunday so that was cool. The week’s pass by so dang fast I hardly even remember what happened. We are hardly ever in our area because we are helping investigators in seven areas be baptized. My companion is down to his last two weeks. He is ready to go home haha its kind of tough sometimes because he just talks about what he is going to do when he gets home and all that. And he is done working haha so I am doing a one-man act right now running the zone. Its all good because he goes home in two weeks and I will get a new companion. My companion is awesome, just these last few days he has been ready to get out of Guatemala. But its all good because I’m focused and ready to give my all to my zone and my savior.
We are frequent flyers in a taco place called El Pinche on p-days its so good hahaha. 

Spiritual thought - We see miracles when we are obedient, but many times we are not willing to be obedient until we see miracles. Our Heavenly Father has all power and will bless us on his time frame after the trial of our faith (obedience) we need to sacrifice our pride to see miracles. If we want miracles we need to show that we want miracles by obeying commandments and rules. 

Until next time,

Elder peacock

Elder Peacock and his companion in Antigua

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